our culture

Our culture

Our mission is innovation for a better environment.

Intecna working method

This is a culture that leads the Group to invest in human resources, collaborations, experimental works, experiments, pilot plants, research and development, therefore in all those activities that look to the future and can create the conditions for the growth of the company in the next years.

INTECNA takes great pride in its ability to look at established processes and see aspects that have been underestimated or overlooked. By carefully listening to those who have been working in a sector for years, our staff can identify issues that can become the starting point for improving processes, with the aim of saving economic resources and reducing the environmental impact. We are not motivated by the mere economic aspect, but by the overall evaluation of the problem, and we like to be able to contribute even in small details that can make a big difference in technological improvement.

In many years of activity, we generally ask our potential customer to let us understand his problem or to explain his objectives in technical and economic terms.

Then we study his process in the laboratory and when we are convinced that we have a possible solution, we evaluate with the customer how to reproduce our work on his plant.

If economically our solution is valid, only then, will we talk about economic aspects, sometimes proposing systems, sometimes products and sometimes only an optimization of the existing process.

Working in the international field, we must understand the uses, rules and reference standards typical of that industrial system and that country and this makes our Group grow as a partner in many areas of intervention.




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