Who we are

INTECNA was founded in 1992 by, Dr. Federico Rivalta

We tell a small part of our great story

INTECNA was founded in 1992 by, Dr. Federico Rivalta based on his knowledge of production of fine chemicals and water treatments acquired during over 30 years of working with multinational companies and in over 50 countries. The first production plant was established in Central Italy together with a Research and Development laboratory that continues to produce innovative technologies, new auxiliaries and processes. Over time, INTECNA has gathered a broad consensus in large industrial sectors.

The company collaborates with manufacturers in many countries with particular focus on the Oil & Gas sector where important projects have seen INTECNA committed to supplying products and services. The NYATEC subsidiary established in 2008 in order to develop the processing of raw materials has invested in systems that ensure significant production volumes. NYATEC completed its company profile with warehouses and logistics.

The INTECNA Group is made up of interconnected companies that deal with financial activities and project financing (INTECNA) chemical production (NYATEC), marketing and sales development (IDRIMA) and IDRIPLAST (plastic vessels, tanks, scrubbers, washers manufacture) with other investments in plant construction and technical assistance services




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