Celdar® Technology

Celdar® Technology

Industrial site soil remediation

Location: SPAIN

PRODUCED WASTEWATER: 50 cubic meter/hour

Typical problems in wastewater: High COD due to recalcitrant components


TREATMENT PRINCIPLES AND AIMS                            

By operating in a environmental critical Area, the customer asked us to evaluate the ELECTROCOAGULATION SYSTEM for the COD REMOVAL and to propose a total ECO FRIENDLY TREATMENT without use of chemicals

Another option required was the ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE and therefore the possibility of reusing the treated water for water re-injection

This option is possible using an ELECTROCOAGULATION PLANT since no chemicals are used and therefore the physical and chemical characteristics of the water to be treated have little variation compared to the treated water.

The obtained results and working conditions are below:

Type of electrodes: CELDAR

Trial condition: 7 - 14 Volt / 35 - 70 Ampere

Temperature increasing (Joule effect): Negligible

Foam: considerable presence and in compact form

Two different Conductive conditions have been tested

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