Celdar® Technology

Celdar® Technology

Phosphorus removal – rice production

Location: ITALY

PRODUCED WASTEWATER: 20 cubic meter/hour

Typical problems in wastewater: High Phosphorus, COD, Smell


TREATMENT PRINCIPLES AND AIMS                            

To solve the problem of big sludge formation in wastewater treatment plant, the customer asked us to evaluate the ELECTROCOAGULATION SYSTEM for the removal of Phosphorus and to be able to drain the treated water into the sewer system.

Another option required was the ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE and therefore the possibility of reusing the treated water with the least amount of consumption possible.

This option is possible using an ELECTROCOAGULATION PLANT since no chemicals are used and therefore the physical and chemical characteristics of the water to be treated have little variation compared to the treated water.

The traditional methods for the elimination of phosphorus in high concentration are the precipitation with lime, but in this treatment, the production of sludge is enormous.

Electrocoagulation offers an alternative system where sludge production is much lower, times are short and the overall cost is very sustainable.


The obtained results and working conditions are below

Number of electrodes: 36

Type of alloy: CELDAR

Volt applied: 7


Reaction time: 2 hours

Temperature: 48 °C

Final treatment: Flocculation

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